Bauhaus Face: Moses Bahelfer

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Rediscovering the work of Bauhaus Weimar artist Max Nehrling

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Bauhaus Face: Max Nehrling

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New Furniture for the Bauhaus Masters' Houses
IKEA Bauhaussommer starts

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Bauhaus Face: Friedl Dicker (-Brandeis)

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Catalogue for the exhibition "Black Mountain: An Interdisciplinary Experiment 1933 –1957" published

The interdisciplinary and experimental educational ideas espoused by Black Mountain College (BMC), founded in North Carolina in 1933, made it one of the most innovative schools in the first half of the twentieth century. Visual arts, economics, physics, dance, architecture, and music were all taught here on an equal footing, and teachers and students lived together in a democratically organized community. The first rector of the school was John Andrew Rice, and Josef Albers, John Cage, Walter Gropius, and Buckminster Fuller were among the many adepts to give courses here. In consequence, BMC witnessed the development of a range of avant-garde concepts. This richly illustrated book appears in conjunction with the Black Mountain exhibition. It is the first comprehensive publication on BMC in the German-speaking world and traces the key moments in the history of this legendary school. 

Eugen Blume, Matilda Felix, Gabriele Knapstein, Catherine Nichols
Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin
cyan, Berlin
464 pp., German / English, 450 black-white images and 22 colour images, EUR 34.00, ISBN EN 978-3-95905-025-8

Correspondence between Harry Graf Kessler and Henry van de Velde published

The Belgian star designer Henry van de Velde (1863–1957) and the German patron and cultural politician Harry Graf Kessler (1868–1937) met in a time of crucial personal and social changes. Their correspondence comprises 40 years and consists of over 400 preserved documents. Herein their time in Weimar, where they worked together for the modern art movement between 1902 and 1914, takes up the most important time span. While van de Velde worked as head of the Weimar Kunstgewerbeschule, Kessler got involved as honorary director of the Museum für Kunst und Kunstgewerbe. The so far unpublished correspondence between the two cosmopolites gives deep insight into their exchange of ideas as much as into their creative examination. All letters are commented elaborately. With this, for the very first time the complex art and cultural historical coherences can be reasonably recognised. The correspondence reflects a considerable piece of cultural history of the beginning of the 20th century. The editor of the book, Antje Neumann, works on the "catalogue raisonné Henry van de Velde" at Weimar Classics Foundation

International summer school Bernau 2015

From 17 until 22 August 2015 the Internation summer school Bernau will be held at the Bauhaus Trade Union School Landmark in Bernau for the first time. The curatorial motif 2015 is NEW VIEWS. Conceived and taught by five different handpicked specialists, each of the five courses will take a conceptual and practical approach to rethinking the legacy of the Bauhaus in order to stimulate artistic exploration, collaboration, and knowledge production. Until 30 June 2015 you can still apply on the website of the International summer school Bernau.

Funding of the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin is assured

Minister of State, Monika Grütters, and the governing mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, have signed today an administrative agreement about the funding of the Bauhaus-Archiv. With an overall sum of 56.2 Mio. € the financial requirements are now ensured to restore and enlarge the Bauhaus-Archiv. Berlin's mayor, Michael Müller, arguments: "The Bauhaus collection of the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin is one of the most important worldwide and the building of Walter Gropius is among the architectural highlights of Berlin. In the past ten years the museum could double the number of visitors. With the now initiated restoration and enlargement of the Bauhaus-Archiv it will finally find its appropriate place within the many museums of Berlin. A wonderful and important present for the centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019!"