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Designing together: Family Sundays in the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, Education, Events, Video 05.01.2016
Bauhaus Face: Xanti Schawinsky Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Dessau, Painting, Photography, Weimar 29.12.2015
Mutual inspiration: Cooperation projects Berlin 30.11.2015
Two Utopias – The Bauhaus and Black Mountain College Architecture, History, Painting, Photography, Research 27.11.2015
Leap Before You Look Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Painting, Photography 26.11.2015
Bauhaus Face: Irena Blühová Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Photography 25.11.2015
Experiments with materials Berlin, Event, Video 12.11.2015
A Bauhaus Workshop for Berlin Berlin, Event, Video 27.10.2015
bauhaus re use: New opportunities for the Bauhaus-Archiv Architecture, Berlin, Video 27.10.2015
Education for all: Accessible guided tours Berlin, Event, Video 27.10.2015
Bauhaus Face: Franz Singer Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Weimar 27.10.2015
Architect found for new Bauhaus museum in Berlin Architecture, Bauhaus 2019, Berlin 24.10.2015 Architecture, Berlin, Design, Exhibition, Photography 20.10.2015
New endowment for the Bauhaus Dessau Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Exhibition 20.10.2015
Bauhaus Face: Isaak Butkow Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Dessau 05.10.2015
#itsalldesign Architecture, Design, Exhibition, Painting, Photography 28.09.2015
Man with a Movie Camera Berlin, Event 28.09.2015
BURG 100 Berlin, Design, Event, Exhibition, Publication 28.09.2015
zdf@bauhaus – Concert series on the Bauhaus stage in Dessau Dessau, Event 28.09.2015
In the tradition of the Bauhaus Architecture, Bauhaus 2019, Dessau 28.09.2015
Bauhaus Face: Kurt Stolp Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau 25.09.2015
Bauhaus and Tel Aviv Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Event 16.09.2015
Can design change society? Bauhaus 2019, Berlin, Design, Event, Exhibition 03.09.2015
Bauhaus Face: Moses Bahelfer Bauhaus Faces, Design, Painting, Photography 16.08.2015
Rediscovering the work of Bauhaus Weimar artist Max Nehrling Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Research, Weimar 10.08.2015
Bauhaus Face: Max Nehrling Bauhaus Faces, Painting, Weimar 10.08.2015
New Furniture for the Bauhaus Masters' Houses Architecture, Dessau, Event 06.08.2015
Bauhaus Face: Friedl Dicker (-Brandeis) Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Painting 02.08.2015
The Milchhof in Arnstadt Architecture, Design, History, Objects 02.08.2015
The White City will be restored Architecture, Bauhaus Faces 23.07.2015
Before restoration, the exhibition Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Exhibition, Painting 23.07.2015
Reproductions in Henry van de Velde’s Haus Hohe Pappeln Architecture, Design, Weimar 09.07.2015
Bauhaus Face: Hubert Hoffmann Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design 08.07.2015
Kandinsky collection at Guggenheim on display Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Painting 06.07.2015
Klee & Kandinsky Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Painting 17.06.2015
From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires Bauhaus Faces, Design, Exhibition, Photography 17.06.2015
Black Mountain Architecture, Berlin, Design, Exhibition, Painting, Photography 08.06.2015
Photographing is a long dialogue Architecture, Berlin, Exhibition, Interview, Photography 08.06.2015
Hélène Binet's poetic gaze at architecture at the Bauhaus-Archiv in Berlin Architecture, Berlin, Exhibition, Photography 02.06.2015
Mies: The Reconstructions Architecture 22.05.2015
The Coop Principle Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Dessau, Exhibition 19.05.2015
Bauhaus Face: Ferdinand Kramer Bauhaus Faces 13.05.2015
Bauhaus Face: Friedrich Reimann Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau 13.05.2015
The art of housekeeping and budgeting in the 21st century Dessau, Exhibition 22.04.2015
Bauhaus Face: Irmgard Sörensen-Popitz Bauhaus Faces, Weimar 31.03.2015
Stories of Bauhaus children: Conrad Feininger on Lyonel and T. Lux Feininger Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Interview, Video 16.03.2015
Bauhaus Face: Umbo Bauhaus Faces, Weimar 10.03.2015
Bauhaus Face: Anni Albers Bauhaus Faces 19.01.2015
Bauhaus Face: Herbert von Arend Bauhaus Faces 22.12.2014
Bauhaus Face: Heinrich Neuy Bauhaus Faces 15.12.2014
Mies, the Prince and the carbuncle Architecture, History 27.11.2014
Oskar Schlemmer - Visions of a New World Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Painting 17.11.2014
In Reserve: Concerning the Architecture of the Reservoir Dessau, Education, Exhibition 10.11.2014
Sensing the Future: László Moholy-Nagy, the media and the arts Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Exhibition 01.10.2014
Bauhaus Face: Ré Soupault Bauhaus Faces, Weimar 29.09.2014
Etel Mittag-Fodor: A Life between Worlds Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Exhibition 26.09.2014
Daughter of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius has died Bauhaus Faces, Berlin 17.09.2014
Bauhaus City Dessau Architecture, Dessau, Publication 04.09.2014
Bauhaus Face: Wassily Kandinsky Bauhaus Faces 16.08.2014
The architect of the new Weimar Bauhaus Museum Architecture, Interview, Weimar 16.08.2014
Bauhaus Cooperation Berlin Dessau Weimar welcomes statements in coalition agreement Bauhaus 2019, Berlin, Dessau, Weimar 16.08.2014
A friendship that evolved from a crisis Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Research 16.08.2014
New Master’s Houses in Dessau Dessau 01.08.2014
As Bauhauslers we are seekers Bauhaus Faces, Publication, Research 01.08.2014
Dessau 1945 – Destruction of Modernity Dessau, Exhibition, Photography 01.08.2014
Man and Art Figure. Oskar Schlemmer’s intermedial programmatic Bauhaus Faces, Publication, Research 01.08.2014
Claudia Perren is the new director of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation Dessau 31.07.2014
Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung introduces new corporate design Berlin, Design 21.07.2014
Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung launches Berlin poster campaign Berlin 21.07.2014
Wassily Kandinsky – Teaching at the Bauhaus Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Exhibition 21.07.2014
Bauhaus Face: Ida Kerkovius Bauhaus Faces 27.06.2014
Children Programme at the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin Berlin, Education 27.06.2014
The Journey to Tunisia. Klee, Macke, Moilliet Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Painting 12.06.2014
Kandinsky, Klee, Schiele ... Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition 12.06.2014
Gläserne Zeit (Age Of Glass) Publication 31.05.2014
Bauhaus in Norwegian Bauhaus Faces, Design, Exhibition, Painting, Photography 27.05.2014
Human-Space-Machine Bauhaus Faces, Design, Dessau, Exhibition, Painting, Photography 27.05.2014
Alfredo Bortoluzzi: A Bauhaus Face Bauhaus Faces 11.05.2014
Paul Klee and the Oriental Carpet Bauhaus Faces, Painting, Research 21.03.2014
Once a ‘Palace for Cars’ – Today Due for the Wrecking Ball Architecture, Berlin, History 21.03.2014
The Last Two Years of the Bauhaus Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Publication 21.03.2014
The Triadic Ballet Dessau 21.03.2014
bauhaus: open archive Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Education, Research 21.03.2014
Oskar Schlemmer, Jean Tinguely, Erich Hauser Bauhaus Faces, Research 21.03.2014
Photography as a medium for architectural information: Architecture, Berlin, Exhibition, Photography 14.03.2014
Re-examining Pole Dance Bauhaus Faces, Research 09.12.2013
Paul Klee – Life and Work Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Painting 17.10.2013 – behind the scenes Berlin, Dessau, Exhibition, Photography 30.09.2013
The Bernau Trades Union College from A to Z Berlin, Dessau, Publication 30.09.2013
Bauhaus Face: Lotte Beese Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Photography 30.09.2013
Bauhaus networks History, Publication, Research 30.09.2013
Who invented it? History, Weimar 30.09.2013
From Bauhaus to Palestine Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Exhibition 25.06.2013
Tropics and the Bauhaus Dessau, Publication, Research 11.06.2013
Web of Connections Design, Dessau, Education, Research 11.06.2013
Bauhaus Classics: Painted cupboard Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Objects, Painting 02.05.2013
Eyes of light wandering like stars Exhibition, Painting, Weimar 18.04.2013
Bauhaus Classics: Tall lidded pot with scored decoration Bauhaus Faces, Design, Objects, Weimar 04.04.2013
The Bauhaus on the Ganges Dessau, Exhibition, History, Interview 26.03.2013
The tectonics of Atlantis Dessau, Exhibition, Photography 19.03.2013
„Actually, I wanted to become an architect ….“ Berlin, Exhibition, Photography 15.03.2013
The typical Bauhaus girl: Karla Grosch Bauhaus Faces, Dessau 29.12.2012
Endless Bauhaus (9): Pier Vittorio Architecture, Interview, Video 14.12.2012
Florence Henri. Avantgarde photographer Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Painting, Photography 12.12.2012
She originally wanted to be an architect: Gertrud Arndt Bauhaus Faces, Photography 12.12.2012
The sublime ship motif in the Kornhaus Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Dessau 12.12.2012
Otti Berger – Croatian Artist from the Bauhaus Textile Workshop Bauhaus Faces, Design, Dessau 10.12.2012
The Evolution of Visual Training Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Education, Video 07.11.2012
Bauhaus alliance 2019 founded Berlin, Dessau, Weimar 07.11.2012
Elsa Franke-Thiemann at the Bauhaus Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Photography 26.10.2012
Paul Klee. Life and Work Bauhaus Faces, Painting, Publication 10.10.2012
Boxes – which one for Breuer? Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Dessau 02.10.2012
Bauhaus Classics: The Mascot Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Objects, Weimar 01.10.2012
Endless Bauhaus (8): Christian Gärtner Design, Interview, Video 01.10.2012
Famous Brno Villas in Villa Tugendhat Architecture, Exhibition, History 26.09.2012
Mrs. Bauhaus: Ise Gropius Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Dessau, Photography, Weimar 17.09.2012
In Search of a Forgotten Architect Bauhaus Faces, Publication 17.09.2012
Instruction Manual for a Frankfurt Kitchen Architecture, Berlin, Design, Exhibition, Publication 13.09.2012
Creativity and Limitless Imagination: A Ceramist’s Legacy Bauhaus Faces, Design, Exhibition, Publication 10.09.2012
Artists celebrate 50th anniversary of Gropiusstadt Architecture, Berlin, Exhibition 10.08.2012
play bauhaus - dance it! Bauhaus Faces, Dessau, Exhibition 09.08.2012
Endless Bauhaus (7): Chris Bangle Architecture, Design, Interview, Video 06.08.2012
Bauhaus Classics Bauhaus Faces, Design, Objects, Weimar 06.08.2012
more mies. 1928 Architecture, Bauhaus Faces 06.08.2012
Master Klee! Bauhaus Faces, Exhibition, Painting 31.07.2012
Homage to Horacio Coppola and Grete Stern Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Photography 31.07.2012
Rosella Biscotti wins the Mies van der Rohe-Preis 2013 Architecture, Design, Exhibition 26.07.2012
Theobald Emil Müller-Hummel: Machine Man Berlin, Dessau, Exhibition, Objects, Weimar 25.07.2012
Feininger's 141st Birthday Bauhaus Faces 13.07.2012
And the winner is ... Architecture, Weimar 13.07.2012
Female Bauhaus: Women artists at the Bauhaus Berlin, Education 04.07.2012
Endless Bauhaus (6): Karin Wilhelm Architecture, Design, Interview, Video 04.07.2012
bauhaus 3: Things Architecture, Design, Dessau, Publication 04.07.2012
Photos at the Bauhaus: Etel Fodor-Mittag Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Photography 22.06.2012
DMY Awards Berlin, Design, Exhibition 12.06.2012
Bauhaus students worked out Berlin, Dessau, Exhibition, Interview, Weimar 12.06.2012
Bibiana Beglau reads Marcel Breuer Architecture, Design, Dessau, Publication 12.06.2012
Digital Marcel Breuer Archive Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Dessau, Publication 12.06.2012
Living with Bruno Taut Architecture, Berlin, Design 05.06.2012
... to the line Berlin, Exhibition 01.06.2012
Bauhaus for Everyone! Architecture, Berlin, Design, Interview 30.05.2012
Heading to Dessau Berlin, Dessau, Education 29.05.2012
Endless Bauhaus (5): Jean Philippe Vassal Architecture, Interview, Video 23.05.2012
Lucia Moholy's Photographs Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Dessau, Photography, Weimar 21.05.2012
Happy Birthday, Walter Gropius! Bauhaus Faces 17.05.2012
Crowd-puller Bauhaus Berlin, Dessau, Exhibition, Weimar 09.05.2012
Bauhaus. Art as Life Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Interview, Video, Weimar 03.05.2012
Lyonel Feininger Photographer Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Exhibition, Interview, Photography, Publication 02.05.2012
bauhaus summer school Dessau, Education 30.04.2012
The Curators behind Bauhaus: Art as Life Exhibition 26.04.2012
Benita Koch-Otte: Living and Weaving at the Bauhaus Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Dessau, Weimar 16.04.2012
Endless Bauhaus (4): Michael Rock Architecture, Design, Interview, Video 12.04.2012
Scharouns most favourite house Architecture, Berlin 10.04.2012
Berlin as the City of the Bauhaus Succession Architecture, Berlin 10.04.2012
What is the Barbican? Berlin, Dessau, Exhibition, Weimar 30.03.2012
Bauhaus Dessau goes Green Architecture, Dessau 27.03.2012
Selman Selmanagić: Bauhaus student, Carpenter, Architect Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Design, Dessau, Weimar 26.03.2012
Jahrhundertgestalter (Designer of a Century) Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Dessau, Exhibition 22.03.2012
Chairs without legs Berlin, Design, Exhibition 22.03.2012
New Bauhaus Museum Weimar Architecture, Exhibition, Weimar 16.03.2012
Uncanny Bauhaus Faces, Painting 16.03.2012
Busy Bauhaus Bags Architecture, Education, Painting, Weimar 13.03.2012
Bauhaus Travel Book Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Interview, Publication, Video, Weimar 09.03.2012
Furniture, art and sensitive nerves Architecture, Design, Publication, Weimar 07.03.2012
ZDF@BAUHAUS Dessau 07.03.2012
Endless Bauhaus (3): Barbara Steiner Interview, Video 29.02.2012
BauhausGuide App Bauhaus Faces, Berlin, Dessau, Interview, Video, Weimar 29.02.2012
Ishimoto Yasuhiro died at the age of 90 Berlin, Exhibition, Photography 14.02.2012
MY BAUHAUS IS BETTER THAN YOURS Design, Exhibition, Weimar 01.11.2011
The Lemke House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as Part of “The Detroit-Berlin Connection” Architecture, Design 25.10.2011
BAUHAUS ESSENTIALS 2011 – An Exhibition of the Marke.6 Exhibition 19.10.2011
Removed: Women of the Bauhaus During the NS Period – Persecution and Exile Berlin, Design, Dessau, Photography, Weimar 19.10.2011
Friend or Foe? The Bauhaus and the Wallpaper Design, Dessau 05.10.2011
Acquisitions for the new Bauhaus-Museum in Weimar: A Somewhat Different "Genter Altar" (Ghent Altarpiece) for Weimar Design, Painting, Weimar 29.09.2011
Saraceno Plans Project in Dessau Dessau 27.09.2011
marke.6 – A Gallery for the Bauhaus University of Weimar Berlin, Exhibition 20.09.2011
Georg Muche – A Bauhäusler in Conflict Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Design, Painting 15.09.2011
Katherine Kuenzli, Abstract of 2009 Bauhaus Catalogue Review Essay Exhibition, Publication 09.09.2011
Searching for Clues at the Bauhaus Publication, Weimar 22.08.2011
summaery 2011 Weimar 28.07.2011
The Beauty of Utility Dessau 25.07.2011
Modernity on an Ice Age Sand Hill Architecture, Design 11.07.2011
Consciousness of Culture and Brand Promises Bauhaus Faces, Design, Interview 28.06.2011
Grandfather Mies Dessau 07.06.2011
The Seductive Nature of a Vision Berlin 06.06.2011
Will Kandinsky Be Dethroned? Design, Painting 11.05.2011
In the Colours of the First Occupancy Dessau 11.04.2011
The New Order Between Science and Art Bauhaus Faces 28.03.2011
200 Years of Form Follows Function Design, Weimar 21.03.2011
Thomas Föhl: Publication, Weimar 20.01.2011
50 Years of the Bauhaus Archive Architecture, Berlin, Design 14.01.2011
Walt Just Left Architecture, Interview 14.01.2011
Endless Bauhaus (1): Olaf Nicolai Interview, Video 14.01.2011
Endless Bauhaus (2): Olafur Eliasson Interview, Video 14.01.2011
Bauhaus History in Japanese Dessau, Video 14.01.2011
“Cultivation of Friendly Interactions” Berlin, Dessau, Weimar 13.01.2011
Mi(e)serable Architecture, Bauhaus Faces, Berlin 05.01.2011
The Central Shrine as the Address for Contemporary Life Forms Bauhaus Faces, Dessau 05.01.2011
The Classic from the Flea Market: Design, Weimar 05.01.2011
Time for a New Look Exhibition, Interview 05.01.2011
Design Park or Self-Service Shop? Architecture, Design, Dessau 05.01.2011
Bauhaus Archive: Incomparable Network Bauhaus Faces, Berlin 05.01.2011
Interview Prof. Dr. Holler Bauhaus Faces, Weimar 21.12.2010
Bauhaus City of Dessau Dessau, Publication 21.12.2010