Bauhaus History in Japanese

Bauhaus History in Japanese
The Bauhaus in Japan

This is how Bauhaus is explained in Japanese: From 1919 to 1933, the spotlight was on founder Walter Gropius with scenes from colourful student life at the unique institution of higher education. Is Japan now the motherland of designs? Perhaps, and the enthusiasm that we encounter there for the Bauhaus ideas are certainly an indication of this.

From September to December 2010, the Shiodome Museum in Tokyo has shown that the Bauhaus is very much a matter of taste. “Bauhaus Taste” is scenes from the heart of the living – the kitchen. It was clear that this is a preferred territory for the Bauhaus designers: With all of its appliances, it is the gateway of the technical and the modern into domesticity. This is the very first place where the design of life processes becomes viral.

Incidentally, the Bauhaus kitchen – which the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation had built in its original size especially for the exhibition – should also be available soon for viewing in Germany and will grant an insight into the Bauhäusler’s domestic life at one of the Dessau Master’s Houses.

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