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1909 Names Locations
AEG Turbine Hall Berlin
Fagus-Werk Factory
Walter Gropius
Adolf Meyer
Alfeld an der Leine
Weimar Academy of Art Building Weimar
The Encounter Johannes Itten
Architecture with Window Paul Klee
Cathedral Lyonel Feininger Gelmeroda
Design for the Bauhaus Signet (Star Manikin) Karl Peter Röhl
Manifesto and Programme of the Staatliche Bauhaus
Lyonel Feininger
Walter Gropius
Our Game. Our Party. Our Work
Woman with Infant Gerhard Marcks
Announcement of the 8th Bauhaus evening: recital by Helge Lindberg Friedl Dicker Berlin
Carline thistle composition study
Draft Version of Woman’s House of Death Lothar Schreyer
Hand-puppet heads Karl Peter Röhl Weimar
Hat for a Bauhaus party Max Nehrling Weimar
Tower of Fire Johannes Itten
Viaduct Lyonel Feininger
"Anna selbdritt" (photography of a metal sculpture) Friedl Dicker Berlin
African Chair
Marcel Breuer
Gunta Stölzl
Bauhaus Prints Walter Gropius
Bauhaus Weimar Curriculum for Winter Semester of 1921/22 Lothar Schreyer
Chair with Colourful Woven Seat
Gunta Stölzl
Marcel Breuer
Cloth as Bulk Fabric
Colour Circle from Gertrud Grunow’s Course Alfred Arndt
Colour Sphere in 7 Light Values and 12 Tones Johannes Itten
Nickel Construction László Moholy-Nagy
Shards in a Picture Grid Josef Albers
Siedlung Freidorf Hannes Meyer Muttenz
Sommerfeld House Walter Gropius Berlin
Spiral Tower Material Study
Stove Tile with a Portrait of Otto Lindig Gerhard Marcks
The Saint of Inner Light Paul Klee
West Tower of the Ulm Cathedral
Chicago Tribune Tower
Walter Gropius
Adolf Meyer
Contrast Study with Various Materials
Cradle Peter Keler Weimar
De Stijl 1 Peter Keler Weimar
Design of a figurine for the marionette play "Fünf Wanderer zwischen den Welten" (Five wanderers between the worlds) Ilse Fehling Berlin
Diagram for the structure of teaching at the Bauhaus Walter Gropius
Geometrical Correlations Maria Rasch
Idea and Structure of the Bauhaus Paul Klee
Linear Analysis of a Still Life
Monument to the March Dead Walter Gropius Weimar
Nude Drawing Berlin
Owl Josef Hartwig
Postcards for the Lantern Festival Lyonel Feininger
Reflecting Light Games Kurt Schwerdtfeger
Small Worlds Wassily Kandinsky
Tall lidded pot with scored decoration Otto Lindig Dornburg/Saale
Two designs for the Bauhaus signet Oskar Schlemmer
Wabe (Honeycomb) Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Application for a Building Permit for the Haus Am Horn Georg Muche Weimar
Carpet for a Children's Room Benita Koch-Otte Weimar
Child's chair ti 3a Marcel Breuer Weimar
Combination Teapot L 1 with Off-Centered Lid Theodor Bogler
Construction Z1 László Moholy-Nagy
Cover of the Bauhaus Exhibition Catalogue, 1923
Herbert Bayer
László Moholy-Nagy
Fruit Bowl Josef Albers
Georg and El Muche and the "Haus Am Horn" Farkas Molnár Berlin
Grotesque I Oskar Schlemmer
Isometric Rendering of the Director’s Office
Adolf Meyer
Herbert Bayer
Kitchen Set for the Haus Am Horn Theodor Bogler Weimar
Kitchen, Haus am Horn, Weimar
Benita Koch-Otte
Georg Muche
Theodor Bogler
Lady’s Dressing Table Marcel Breuer
Mocha Machine Theodor Bogler
Pitcher with figure
Max Krehan
Gerhard Marcks
Poster for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar Joost Schmidt Berlin
Sanctifica Me Lothar Schreyer
Small Ship-Building Game Alma Siedhoff-Buscher Weimar
St. Mary in the Moon Lothar Schreyer
Study in Equilibrium
Marianne Brandt
Lucia Moholy
Ashtray with Cigarette Holder Marianne Brandt
Bauhaus Chess Set (Model XVI) Josef Hartwig
Bauhaus Lamp (Metal Version), 1924 Wilhelm Wagenfeld
Bauhaus Party at the Gaststätte Ilmschlösschen Tavern
Black Relationship Wassily Kandinsky
Coffee and Tea Set
Marianne Brandt
Lucia Moholy
costume of Porcia (The Merchant of Venice) Friedl Dicker Berlin
Design for the Moholy-Nagy Atelier, Sheet 1 Peter Keler Weimar
Design for Trade Fair Stand of a Toothpaste Producer Herbert Bayer
Mascot Eberhard Schrammen Berlin
Montage 1 Marianne Brandt Weimar
Photograph of a Study in Balance Lucia Moholy Berlin
Portfolio for Walter Gropius László Moholy-Nagy
Slatted Chair ti 1a Marcel Breuer
Tea Infuser MT 49 Marianne Brandt
Throw Dolls Alma Siedhoff-Buscher Weimar
Bauhaus Books
Walter Gropius
László Moholy-Nagy
Catalogue of Models Herbert Bayer
Exercise from Paul Klee’s Colour Class Magda Langenstraß-Uhlig
Portrait Marcel Breuer Berlin
Sintrax, 3/4-Litre Coffee-Maker Gerhard Marcks Dessau
Bauhaus Building Dessau
Walter Gropius
Lucia Moholy
Bauhaus Scene Erich Consemüller Weimar
Club Chair B 3, 2nd version Marcel Breuer Dessau
Colour plan for the exterior design of the master semidetached houses in Dessau Alfred Arndt Dessau
Colour Plan of the Bauhaus Hinnerk Scheper
Competition design for the Petersschule, Basel
Hannes Meyer
Hans Wittwer
Experimental colour plan for the façade of the Bauhaus Building Hinnerk Scheper
Green Free Form and Yellow Triangle Berlin
Little Peg Dolls Dessau
Masters’ Houses
Walter Gropius
Lucia Moholy
Metal Prototype House Georg Muche Berlin
Orientation plan for the Bauhaus Building Hinnerk Scheper Dessau
Self-Portrait in Profile László Moholy-Nagy Berlin
Self-portrait in the bathroom mirror of her Master’s House in Dessau Ise Gropius Berlin
Stacking Tables Josef Albers
The Masters on the Roof of the Bauhaus Studio Building in Dessau Erich Consemüller
"New Bauhaus Building, Prellerhaus balconies (seen from below)" Irene Bayer Berlin
Andor Weininger dressed as a clown Irene Bayer Berlin
Bauhaus Stage Erich Consemüller Dessau
Illumination/Shading Berlin
Jump over the Bauhaus Theodore Lux Feininger Berlin
Marcel Breuer and his "harem" Erich Consemüller Weimar
Material Study from the preliminary course of Josef Albers Alfredo Bortoluzzi Berlin
Palace of the League of Nations
Hannes Meyer
Hans Wittwer
Plan of figurines for the Triadic Ballet Oskar Schlemmer
Prospectus: the mouth Herbert Bayer Berlin
Radiance/Drifting Centre Berlin
The Building as a Stage Erich Consemüller Berlin
View onto the terrace of the Bauhaus canteen Irene Bayer Berlin
Weissenhof Estate Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Stuttgart
"extension of the preller building" Edmund Collein Berlin
Bauhaus dress Lis Beyer-Volger Dessau
Carpentry Workshop in Dessau
Dessau-Törten Housing Estate
Walter Gropius
Hannes Meyer
Double portrait of Alfred and Gertrud Arndt Gertrud Arndt Berlin
Five choirs Gunta Stölzl Berlin
Folding Chair Alfred Arndt Dessau
Im Stahlgewirr eines Ozeandampfers Ise Gropius Berlin
Kandem Lamp
Lettering Set Josef Albers
Material Study in Brass Berlin
Members of the Bauhaus band Theodore Lux Feininger Berlin
Photographic study with toy pistol and sugar cubes Etel Fodor-Mittag Berlin
Portrait of Moses Bahelfer Werner David Feist Berlin
sie brauchen das bauhaus Margaretha Reichardt Dessau
Slit Tapestry Red-Green Gunta Stölzl Berlin
Tactile Board Otti Berger Berlin
Advertising image for Indanthren-Farben Etel Fodor-Mittag Berlin
Barcelona Pavilion
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Lilly Reich
Blaue Häuser (blue houses) Moses Bahelfer Berlin
contrast study
Dead Hare (Still Life with Foil) Walter Peterhans Berlin
Design of serial houses Hubert Hoffmann
Economy of Means
Employment Office Walter Gropius
Fire in the Evening Paul Klee
Full Blue Snake Fritz Kuhr
Group of children Irena Blühová Berlin
Halle. Am Trödel Lyonel Feininger
Illustration for "Amor und Psyche" Margaret Camilla Leiteritz
Kornhaus Carl Fieger Dessau-Roßlau
Kurt Stolp with pipe Werner David Feist Berlin
Permeation and Illumination Study Franz Ehrlich Berlin
Placard, April issue, magazine “UHU” Moses Bahelfer Berlin
Portrait of Grit Kallin Alfredo Bortoluzzi Berlin
Portrait of Isaak Butkow Etel Fodor-Mittag Berlin
Portrait of the Beloved Walter Peterhans Berlin
The Spatial Effect of Colours and Shapes
Tugendhat House
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Lilly Reich
Balcony Access Houses Hannes Meyer Dessau
Bauhaus advertisement "bauhaus tapeten" no. 5 Moses Bahelfer Weimar
Bauhaus canteen Ivana Tomljenović Zagreb
From Line and Circle (Rod and Ring) to Hyperboloid and Sphere Edmund Collein Berlin
Herbert Bayer and Xanti Schawinsky in Ascona Ise Gropius Berlin
Herbert Bayer and Xanti Schawinsky in Ascona Ise Gropius Berlin
Lange House
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Lilly Reich
Light-Space Modulator László Moholy-Nagy Berlin
Man in Room 2 Heinrich Clasing Dessau
Mask portrait Gertrud Arndt Berlin
Old woman in the village Irena Blühová Berlin
Portrait Ellen Auerbach Grete Stern Berlin
Portrait Ernst Mittag (sleeping) Etel Fodor-Mittag Berlin
Self-Portrait Lucia Moholy
Taut at an Angle Wassily Kandinsky
Trade Union School of ADGB
Hannes Meyer
Hans Wittwer
Wallpaper design Elsa Thiemann Berlin
With All 10 Fingers Marianne Brandt
yellow forms on blue underground and blue forms on yellow underground, study from the colour seminar Kandinsky Hans Thiemann Berlin
Advertising brochure “bauhaus wallpaper” Joost Schmidt
between red and blue (zwischen rot und blau) Herbert von Arend Dessau
Borchardt Department Store Eduard Ludwig
Design for a Socialist City Ludwig Hilberseimer
Dessau on the Ground of Old Culture Joost Schmidt
Judit Kárász with unknown person Berlin
Menagerie Berlin
Operator at the Bauhaus Irena Blühová Berlin
Stage props scherzo Hans Thiemann Berlin
"Winter Help" Horacio Coppola Berlin
Architecture Class in Dessau Dessau
Bauhaus stairway Oskar Schlemmer Berlin
Drinking Hall
Eduard Ludwig
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Feather, Study from Peterhans-class at the Bauhaus in Berlin Horacio Coppola Berlin
Montessori kindergarten in Vienna’s Goethehof, Schüttaustraße Friedl Dicker Berlin
Self-Portrait Herbert Bayer Berlin
Telly. Portrait of a Girl Walter Peterhans Berlin
The Bauhaus Building in Berlin-Steglitz Berlin-Steglitz
House Lemke Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Berlin
La Palucca Alfredo Bortoluzzi Berlin
Dismountable table Hubert Hoffmann
Farbunterricht an der Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm Ulm
Ostinato or Rhythmic Order Kurt Kranz
Group of Four, Black-and-White Kurt Kranz
Button Eye Kurt Kranz
A Student of Gertrud Grunow during Concentration Exercise
Bauhaus Archive Berlin
Bauhaus Museum Weimar
Ceramics Workshop in Dornburg
draft of a poster "Werkstätten Bildender Kunst G.m.b.H." Friedl Dicker Berlin
Forks Elsa Thiemann Berlin
Glass-Painting Workshop
Lesson at the Bauhaus in Dessau
Lesson at the Bauhaus in Dessau
Lesson at the Bauhaus in Dessau
Lesson at the Bauhaus in Dessau
Metal Workshop
Printing Workshop
Unterrichtsszene in Dessau
Weaving Workshop
Workshop for Stone Sculpture