Walter Gropius appoints Paul Klee and Georg Muche as masters at the Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar, where classes begin in October.

Bauhaus Nationalists in Weimar publish a polemic against the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus responds with a paper of its own, including a message of support by the Thuringian minister of culture.

Walter Gropius turns down Dadaist Johannes Baader’s offer to teach at the Bauhaus.

First Bauhaus evenings, including a lecture by Else Lasker-Schüler, a paper by Bruno Taut and concerts (works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Reger and others). For a short while, the Bauhaus has its own department of architecture headed by Adolf Meyer.

Max Krehan (master of works) and Gerhard Marcks (master of form) set up a ceramics workshop in Dornburg, Saale. Classes begin in October.

Lyonel Feininger’s works exhibited in Weimar (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe), Paul Klee’s works in Jena (Kunstverein).

Georg Muche joins the Bauhaus as master of form, specialising in woodcarving and bookbinding. Paul Klee appointed.

Oskar Schlemmer appointed.

Theo van Doesburg visits the Bauhaus.

Politics Inflation continues to rise. 1 $ = 49,80 marks. Treaty of Versailles comes into force (territorial losses, occupation, reparation payments).

Right-wing Kapp Putsch in Berlin and other cities foiled by the general strike. Battles between the so-called Red Ruhr Army and the armed forces of the Weimar Republic.

Reichstag elections: conservative parties 71, national liberals 65, other liberals 39, centrists 90, social democrats 102, independent social democrats 81, communists 2, others 9 seats.

League of Nations established.

Science and technology "Notgemeinschaft der deutschen Wissenschaft" (emergency association of German science) founded; death of sociologist Max Weber; spectral analysis produces first findings on stellar atmospheres.

Literature "The Theory of the Novel" by Gyorgy Lukacs; Knut Hamsun awarded Nobel prize for literature.

Theatre and music "The Dead City" by Erich Korngold; "Concord Sonata" by Charles Ives.

Film "The Mark of Zorro" by Fred Biblo; "The Golem" by Paul Wegener.

Arts "Realistic Manifesto" by Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner, Ozenfant and Le Corbusier found the magazine "l’esprit nouveau". Dada demonstration in Cologne.

Architecture Monument to the Third International, Moscow, project by Vladimir Tatlin.