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Bauhaus Face: Moses Bahelfer

Sommerakademie at Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne from 12 to 22 August 2015

from 13/8/2015

Every year in August, the Sommerakademie invites emerging artists and curators to Berne to work with renowned figures from the international art scene, creating and holding a ten-day seminar that is focused around a specific topic. The Foundation The Sommerakademie is an international platform for contemporary art that focuses on exploring the present and reflection on art. Using professional training, promotion, sponsorship and mediation, the Sommerakademie aims to promote both artistic productivity and reflection on art among artists, and at the same time allows the public to be part of this process. For further information, please visit the website of Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne (ZPK).

Rediscovering the work of Bauhaus Weimar artist Max Nehrling

Bauhaus Face: Max Nehrling

New Furniture for the Bauhaus Masters' Houses

Symposium Householding: The World. One Household.

from 5/8/2015

At the end of the exhibition "Haushaltsmesse 2015" (Householding fair 2015), Bauhaus Dessau Foundation invites internationally renown scientists as well as journalists and architects to discuss global perspectives of the "domestic affairs" in a public debate at this weekend (7 to 9 August 2015). The exhibition in the Dessau Masters' Houses shows artistic, historic, and academic positions towards householding as part of our way to live. All events have free admission and are directed to an audience that would like to rethink and discuss global contexts of our way to live with focus on nutrition, ressources, and economy. Please, visit the website of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation for the complete programme and further information on the symposium.

This Website

The Bauhaus - Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, the Weimar Classic Foundation and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation want to take a fresh look at the history and impact of the famous school with this website. Detailed historic knowledge in the atlas is coupled with current reports in the magazine. The calendar delivers a large amount of information for Bauhaus connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

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Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin
The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung was founded in 1960 as a non-profit organisation and is dedicated to the history and the after-effects of the most significant art school of the 20th century. As both museum and research institute, its main tasks include the collection, presentation and research of the Bauhaus.
Bauhaus Dessau Foundation
In Dessau-Rosslau, the institution – which was established in 1994 by the federal government, state and city – is dedicated to the preservation of a rich legacy and simultaneously makes contributions to shaping the environment of modern life. With 26,000 objects, the foundation has the second-largest Bauhaus collection in the world.
Foundation of Weimar Classics
The Bauhaus Museum, an institution of the Weimar Classic Foundation, has been temporarily housed in the art museum on Theaterplatz since 1995. Its entrance incorporates the classicist Kulissenhaus (depot for the court theatre) by Clemens Wenzeslaus Coudray. With more than 300 exhibits, it provides an insight into the development of the State Bauhaus at its founding city of Weimar.